According to The Verge, the US Border Patrol is in a crisis, steadily losing staff even though President Trump wants more agents. In order to combat this issue, there have been proposals to cut the polygraph tests which have been yielding some interesting results, to say the least. Corruption, murder and child pornography are only some of the crimes going on in U.S. Customs, which the Border Patrol falls under.

According to the Associated Press, the failure rate for these interviews is around 65%, which constitutes the highest percentage of failure rate in any federal agencies. Still, the Senate introduced the Boots on the Border Act, an attempt at working around the polygraph tests that excludes, among other applicants, those who were formerly in law enforcement.

Though polygraph results in an of themselves are of questionable scientific value, these failed tests do unearth that some 205 applicants were flagged and referred to an adjudicator who has the power to stop an applicant from being offered a job.

26 of these referrals were due to child pornography, 16 were for sex with a minor, six for domestic violence, nine for felony theft, (including some of up to $40,000 in embezzlement) and one person was flagged for conspiracy to commit murder while employed by the DHS. (Department of Homeland Security)

It is not certain how many of these cases led to criminal charges, but in 2013 several cases of polygraph admissions tests were flagged and some of those did lead to criminal charges being filed. Also, the polygraph notes say that many of these crimes were committed by police officers and federal government employees.