A 12-year-old Detroit boy who had been missing for almost two weeks was found safe and sound in his parent’s basement.

Officers discovered the boy while serving a search warrant on the home as part of their investigation into his disappearance. 

From Associated Press:

It’s not clear if the boy had been there the entire time; officers had been inside the home before and cadaver dogs searched the house last week.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said when police found Charlie Bothuell V, he appeared to be hiding and did not announce himself. Hours earlier, Craig had told reporters that investigators were “not ruling out the possibility of homicide” in the case.

When police found the boy, he was behind some boxes and a large plastic drum. Bedding also was found nearby. The boy will be medically evaluated.

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Craig said the child was nervous, but excited when found and indicated that he was hungry. He appeared to be in fine health.

The boy lives at home with his father and stepmother. His father, Charlie Bothuell IV, said he was surprised to find that his son was in the basement. The boy’s father took a ploygraph test  about the boy’s dissappearance but the stepmother declined to do so.

We’re glad that Charlie is safe and sound.

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