A 9-year-old boy who spent a day as Detroit’s honorary police chief last month has died.

Jayvon Felton passed away Monday at Children’s Hospital in Detroit due to complications from cancer. 

From Associated Press:

Jayvon had always wanted to be a Detroit police officer, and his wish was granted on Jan. 31. “In the short time that we knew Jayvon, he touched everyone in the department leaving a lasting impression that will not be forgotten,” the police department said in a statement. “He will be missed by many.”

Donning a blue SWAT uniform, embroidered with his name, he arrived at police headquarters by helicopter. He was greeted by classmates from Roberto Clemente Academy, police dogs and mascots, including the Detroit Tigers’ mascot, Paws.

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“It was obvious that day how special Jayvon was. It was not just his courage that was noticeable; it was his charming smile and his caring personality,” the department said. “The way he looked at everything with this wide eye wonderment.”

Funeral arrangements were pending of the fourth-grader, who was diagnosed with leukemia in April.

Rest in peace Jayvon. 

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