In 2012, The Black Boy Report, a statistic based report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education, reported horrific news that Black male students in Rochester, NY were the absolute last in the Nation with a 9 percent graduation rate. It’s obvious, some city in the Nation must be last, but why and why with a 9 percent graduation rate? While these questions have many answer, we remain in a place longing for Black Male Excellence, and it has arrived!

Chicago’s urban Prep Academy is on winning streak and is smacking statistics in the face for the fourth year in a row. Of 167 seniors, 100 percent are Black boys graduating as the class of 2013. More impressive, 100 percent of the students have been accepted into a 4 year academic institution.  

This Consecutive streak seems to me that the respected Arne Duncan, the United States Secretary of Education, and his crew, should make all efforts to duplicating Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy throughout the Nation, starting in Rochester. While some programs are similar, they are not producing like Chicago, but in all, because of Chicago’s results, it gives us HOPE!

A sincere congratulations to the young men of Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy who are breaking barriers, slapping statistics, and marching onward towards the light. This article is respectfully dedicated!

Smacking Statistics & Graduating