Brittney Griner, the 6’8 Phoenix Mercury rookie and the new face of the WNBA, graces the cover of ESPN: The Magazine’s Taboo issue, which will be on newstands in a few days.

In the cover story, Griner talks about coming out, the bullying she experienced, her experience living in a “glass closet” while attending college, and sexual identity:


A week before joining the Mercury for training camp, Griner spent eight hours getting the flower tattoo on her left shoulder extended into a sleeve, complete with a hummingbird. “It’s to show my girlie side,” she says. “So many people exist between the two ends of the spectrum, but no one wants to admit it. If you’re in between, they say something is wrong with you. ‘We can fix you.’ Well, I don’t need fixing.”


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Again, kudos to Brittney for living in her truth.

What does it mean that an out, young black woman is the face and future of a professional sports league and is quickly becoming the most recognizable gay person in America?


Is this a good sign of things to come?

What do you think about Griner and her message, what she represents?

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