A Brooklyn teacher has been fined $10,000 for encouraging one of her students to strike back against a bully.

She allegedly asked the 8 year-old bully to stand up, and then directed the victimized child to hit him.

When the bully began to cry, and she responded “Well, that’s what you get.” She also allegedly said “When you act like a dog. you get treated like a dog.

The teacher – 13 year veteran Tamu Francis – denies all of these allegations.

From Clutch Magazine:

Francis denied all allegations. She said all she did was teach the class a lesson by asking the bully, “How would you like it if [he] hit you back?”

She said the other boy immediately threw a jab at the bully’s gut, misunderstanding her point.

Brogan said she did not believe her claim. Furthermore, Francis failed to report the incident to school officials.

The arbiter of Francis’ disciplinary hearing did not believe her version of events. However, rather than being fired, she was given the fine.

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