When legends pass on it affects an immeasurable number of people who grieve in a variety of ways. When Phife Dawg, a founding member of A Tribe Called Quest and cornerstone of hip-hop, passed away this past week from diabetes, fans and colleagues did just that. A traffic reporter cleverly dropped Phife mentions in his broadcast, Scott Van Pelt told a tale of them performing together on his ESPN show and The New Day, a charismatic trio of WWE Superstars, even referenced “Can I Kick It?” while performing in Brooklyn on Monday.

While all of these surely tug at heartstrings, they can’t really compare to the statements made by people who were close to Phife. While his Instagram currently holds multiple tributes to the Five Foot Assassin, Busta Rhymes posted a touching message about his relationship with Phife Dawg late last week.

As the message reads, Busta and Phife knew each other for nearly 30 years, going back to when the former was a part of the Leaders of the New School and had dreads that just barely touched his shoulders. He goes on to talk about how his relationship with Phife changed over the years and thanks him, as well as the other members of Tribe, for giving him a career highlight that would be his classic verse on “Scenario.”

The memorial for Malik Taylor, a.k.a .Phife Dawg, was held and streamed live for fans, according to HipHopDx. There are currently movements to rename a park and street in New York after Taylor.

Take a look at Busta Rhyme’s full post below.


Photo Courtesy: Instagram