Several white men devised and carried out a plan to normalize so-called “alt-right” ideas to the public through Breitbart media, according to a long-form reported piece on BuzzFeed News. The piece chronicled e-mails showing substantial thought, collaboration and funding from largely, but not exclusively, white people on different sides of the political spectrum and their efforts to sanitize notions of white superiority.

BuzzFeed senior technology reporter Joe Bernstein’s piece includes human flow charts to ensure that readers keep the actors, their connections with each other and their desires to reshape the collective consciousness straight.

The men spotlighted in the piece varied from the sorts who call Black people savages to people who need to be dissuaded from gas chamber jokes about Jewish people to people who portray Islam as a taint on European nations and descendants. Similarly, the email trail revealed orchestrated attacks against feminists and critiques of women’s physical appearances.

The story is well-worth the read, albeit disgusting. It reminds people that the current political climate is not a passive result of happenstance. Instead, readers are made privy to a timeline of when these men schemed, like how credit would be apportioned for their plan to “save Western civilization” (Steve Bannon’s words) and create a white ethnostate, including the choice to use a white writer with a “brown sounding” name to diminish charges of racism.

Their emails included specifics about undermining globalism and plans for recruiting young men at colleges, universities and academic conferences. The article chronicled far right fears of the far left and “people disgusted by some combination of identity politics, Muslim and Hispanic immigration, and the idea of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House… if expanding that audience meant involving white nationalists and neo-Nazis, their participation could always be laundered to hide their contributions.”

BuzzFeed‘s piece follows the Washington Post‘s report that Russian operatives bought offensive Facebook ads to further divide Americans and boost Donald Trump from candidacy to presidency.