Buzzfeed has revolutionized the online publishing industry in recent years. One of the many ways they’ve done so has been through their personality-filled videos that feature staff members either acting out relatable scenarios or asking thought-provoking questions. Their latest attempt to do so has seemingly backfired and brought on the wrath of Twitter users everywhere.

In a video titled “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People,” Buzzfeed staffers sit in front of the camera and ask questions such as “When did watermelon become our thing?” and “Why are we more likely to engage in the new dance trend than politics?” While there were admittedly a handful of worthwhile questions in the video, a vast majority sounded more like “Questions Black People Were Paid To Ask Other Black People.”

As one might expect, Twitter got a hold of the video and spent the evening criticizing both the video’s tone, Buzzfeed‘s methods and, in some cases, going as far as to call out the staffers themselves. A #RealBlackPeopleQuestions hashtag even came out of it all. Since it’s highly doubtful they’ll be doing it themselves this time around, here’s a list of Twitter reactions to Buzzfeed‘s latest video:

Photo Courtesy: Twitter