September 27, 2011


It’s been a couple days since President Obama’s controversial speech at a CBC dinner on Saturday, and the feud between President Obama and the Black intelligentsia continues to swell.

Maxine Waters has voiced her displeasure with the wording and tone of the President’s speech, and Tavis Smiley is as pissed off as ever. Meanwhile, Dr. Boyce Watkins has written a very interesting editorial for NewsOne, lamenting Obama’s silence regarding Troy Davis, and asking “Are Black Voters Obama’s Political Mistress?” He makes more than a few good points:

“He only comes by with flowers when he wants something and in spite of his consistent disrespect and actions to the contrary, the mistress believes that deep down, he really loves her. When she expresses her concern about the love not being mutual, he tells her to stop complaining and support him in protecting his reputation. She accepts his stern admonishment because she’s simply grateful that he even stopped by to say hello and might even consider it to be tough love. After all, she shouldn’t put any additional pressure on him because his wife is giving him such a hard time already.”

Quite the analogy, dontchathink? 

At a pre-season game against the Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers hockey player Wayne Simmonds was in the midst of a scoring attempt when a fan threw a banana peel in his path. Simmonds is one of very few Black players in the NHL. Simmonds scored anyway, and later told the Associated Press, “”When you’re a black man playing in a predominantly white man’s sport, you’ve got to come to expect things like that…”


A professor named Ralph Richard Banks is trying to make the argument that highly educated and successful Black women need to stop bullshittin’ and date outside of their race. Whoa!

According to Mary Mitchell’s article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Black women are the group most likely to me unmarried, most likely to “marry down,” and yet the least willing to marry outside of their race. Dr. Banks says that needs to change.

Obviously this is problematic. Mitchell puts it best:

“Yes, black relationships can be messy. But it is bad enough that the most affluent black men often seek out white women to marry. Now successful black women are being encouraged — by a black man no less — to look for white husbands. Is that really the answer to the black marriage crisis?” 

 Drake is set to take over the Saturday Night Live stage on October 8th, just two weeks prior to the release of his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Take Care. An SNL performance is a big milestone for any artist, so congrats to Drizzy.

The big announcement comes on the heels of a flurry of Drake-related activity. The Toronto emcee has been releasing a slew of tracks for free online over the past few months, including first single “Headlines,” surprise hit “Marvin’s Room,” “Dreams Money Can Buy,” the slow-burning “Club Paradise,” and certified banger “Free Spirit” featuring Rick Ross; all have been well recieved. He also unveiled the brooding cover art for Take Care on his October’s Very Own blog late last week. In other words, the buzz is palpable, people.

And after a somewhat underwhelming Carter IV, and that disappointing J. Cole album, the game might be in for a crushing sneak attack from Wheelchair Jimmy. We shall see…. 

And finally, we’ll leave you with Nicki Minaj wearing a pink, fried chicken necklace at the iHeart Radio Music Festival last weekend.

Is it creative? Offensive? Bizarre? Stupid? Sexy? Too much?

We think it’s all of that and more. Happy Tuesday!