Students and faculty at Cal State-LA argued for an Ethnic Studies course graduation requirement before its Academic Senate Tuesday.

This effort comes a month after the Senate voted against making taking one course in the discipline a requirement. 

From the LA Times:

General education courses are required for graduation, and are intended to provide broad skills and knowledge outside of a major. The campus is overhauling many of its programs as it prepares to convert from a quarter system to a semester academic calendar.

The 55-member Academic Senate, which includes students and college deans, rejected a similar ethnic studies requirement last month by a vote of 29 to 20. While the senate’s voice is important, it acts only as an advisory panel for President William Covino, who can accept or reject its policy decisions.

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Members of faculty argued against the ethnic studies requirement, citing it as a hindrance to students’ freedom to choose.

The senate will not make a decision until next week.

Should college students be required to take an Ethnic Studies course in order to graduate?

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