Members of a California high school basketball team were barred from participating in a tournament because they continued to wear “I can’t breathe” T-shirts in solidarity with those standing up against police brutality.

The students have planned a rally in response to the decision for Monday. 

From USA Today:

Members of the Mendocino High School girls basketball team will meet outside the Fort Bragg High School for what a poster said would be a peaceful exercise of free speech rights and to raise awareness of racism and police brutality, said the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

The coastal communities to the north of San Francisco were thrust into the national spotlight this weekend after the athletic director at Fort Bragg High School said that neither boys nor girls teams from Mendocino would be allowed to participate in the three-day tournament hosted by Fort Bragg out of concerns the players would wear T-shirts printed with the words “I can’t breathe.”

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Our youth will not sit idly as injustice plagues our communities. Kudos to these brave young souls for demanding equality for black lives.

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