CeaseFire director Tio Hardiman has been relieved of his duties at the anti-violence organization after being charged with domestic battery last week.

Hiscontract expires on June 30th; the organization says it will not renew his contract.

Hardiman is accused of attacking his wife Alison Hardiman last Friday. In an interview with DNAinfo, Hardiman expressed disappointment over CeaseFire’s decision.

From DNA info:

“The way CeaseFire handled this whole process was disrespectful and bogus,” Hardiman told DNAinfo.com Chicago. “I am very disappointed in CeaseFire. You mean to tell me after I helped raise $6 million a year for them, they couldn’t have enough respect for me to wait until the trial was over?”

Hardiman said he plans to start his own CeaseFire chapter.

“But let me get past this situation first,” he said. “I am not going to let all the hard work I put into CeaseFire go to waste.”

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