Chance the Rapper, like Colin Kaepernick, leads by example. Chance raised more than $2.2 million for Chicago Public Schools and constantly discusses the need to increase educational opportunities for young people in Chicago, his hometown. Consistent with this focus, Chance collaborated with a popular ride-sharing service as another way for people who share a student-centered and student-supportive vision of creative opportunity to give back and community-build in Chicago.

Chance’s New Chance Arts & Literature Fund partnered with Lyft to allow Chicago-area riders to round up their ride fares to help the community.

“Through the New Chance Arts & Literature Fund, I’m committed to giving the kids in Chicago as much as I can,” Chance said in a press release. “And now with Lyft’s Round Up & Donate, we can give the m much more because the more we ride, the more we raise to bring more arts programs to Chicago Public Schools.”

The New Chance Arts & Literature Fund is targeted towards student “access to arts enrichment education,” according to the official website. “The fund will bring arts programs and materials to schools that have experienced a decrease in 5-year graduation rates, addressing their budgets, textbooks, and music programs.”

In a 24-hours news cycle that often includes far more negative events, especially when affecting Black and Brown people, than inspirational initiatives, Chance often gives us a shining alternative. The 24-year-old, whose music and collaborations move scores of young people throughout the world, deserves appreciation for his vision.

As he said on the fund’s website, “We are committed to giving the kids as much as we can.”