This holiday season, Chance The Rapper proved again why he is a hometown hero in Chicago.

In an effort to help the city’s homeless, Chance partnered with The Empowerment Plan, a Detroit-based non-profit for the Warmest Winter initiative to distribute coats to the city’s homeless. And according to Billboard, Chance was able to raise $60,000 in 10 days for the project.

The Empowerment Plan hires homeless parents to manufacture coats for other homeless people at no cost. The EMPWR coats, however, are dual-functional. They are warm to wear and serve as a sleeping bag to rest in.

By raising $100,000, Chance’s initiative will be able to distribute 1,000 coats to Chicago’s homeless.

The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless estimated that 125,848 Chicagoans were homeless during the 2014-15 school year, including 20,205 students identified by Chicago Public Schools.

The non-profit aims to have 1,000 new coats ready to go by. Jan. 13.