Chance the Rapper is proud of his Southside Chicago roots. His lyrics are riddled with references to his hometown and he can be seen wearing a Chicago White Sox fitted baseball cap most of his appearances over the past few years. So his recent team up with his local baseball team is a no-brainer.

The Chicago rapper recently released a new set of baseball hats for the White Sox –which sold out its limited run of 2,000 within hours– and is the narrator for the in-stadium video for this season. He also threw out the ceremonial first pitch in the recent home opener. Now, ESPN reports that Chance is close to signing a deal to become the official club ambassador the for team.

It’s ironic but also makes a lot of sense. The rapper that no major music label has been able to lure could be further securing his roots and becoming the face for a team he’s already long supported.

Young sports fans aren’t gravitating towards baseball as much as they are to other sports. Also, the Chicago Cubs’ recent success has solidly given them the title as Chicago’s current top baseball program. Neither of these are secrets. But Chance’s involvement now could help turn the tide. At least that’s what many Sox fans and members of the team’s front office are hoping will be the case.

“For anyone over 28 years old, they’re thrilled that Frank Thomas is back with us [as a special consultant],” said Brooks Boyer, the team’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “But we want to talk to those who are even younger, to develop interest from the Hispanic and the African-American markets. Chance resonates with them.”

While the potential partnership may not be as Hollywood as Drake and his hometown Toronto Raptors, it could still lead to good things and a growth in popularity for both Chance and the White Sox.


Photo Courtesy: Twitter