According to reports, Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has offered to pay for the funeral expenses for Jonylah Watkins, the six-month-old girl who was shot five times earlier this week in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

Rose, who has been the subject of a lot of controversy surrounding his knee rehab and when he’ll rejoin the Chicago Bulls, made the offer, according to Rev. Corey Brooks, who is a spokesman for the family of little Jonylah.Rose was also said to have paid for the funeral of slain rapper Lil’ Jo Jo, who was shot and killed while riding a bike last September.

The Englewood native – who recently became a father last October when his son, Derrick Rose Jr. was born – has always felt a close connection to the plight of kids in Chicago, as evidenced by his speaking out during the recent Chicago Public School strike, and him shedding tears over the many obstacles that kids face during the launch of his new adidas sneaker, the Rose 3.0 in September.


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Although Rose has not made any official public statement, he has made his feelings known about both Jonylah’s death and violence in the city via Twitter.


Kudos to Derrick Rose for his generosity, despite the occasion.