Yesterday morning, the city of Chicago was shocked to learn of a shootout at a record release party on the city’s South Side that left at least 7 people injured.

Even crazier, it seems controversial 13 year-old rapper Lil’ Mouse was among the featured performers at the event.

His manager claims Mouse performed and left before the shootout.

Still, what was a 13 year-old doing at a nightclub on a school night?

From the Grio:

“He shouldn’t have been out there that late, anyway,” said Chicago parent Christopher Southward, 41, who has a 14-year-old daughter. “He should have been at home getting ready for school for the next day.”

Karriem said Mouse’s mother accompanies him to all of his performances. According to him, the teen doesn’t mingle with the crowd, is closely monitored by security and usually leaves after he performs.

Mouse’s mother was not immediately available for comment Thursday.

Lil Mouse, and those behind his budding career, have been underfire for his profanity-laced gangsta rap lyrics, rife with references to drugs, sex, and guns.


Thoughts on the very existence of 13 year-old gangsta rapper Lil’ Mouse?

Is there any justification for allowing a 13 year-old into a nightclub at all, let alone on a Thursday night?

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