The Chicago Police Department has been in a rather rough patch during their time under the microscope following Laquan McDonald’s murder. The most recent example comes in the form of an internal investigation following the arrest of a man on the city’s South Side. 

Robert Foreman, 22, was released from custody this past Monday after being arrested by CPD officers who claim they were only looking to give him a ticket for drinking in public, according to a report by WGNBut then stories differ as officers claim Foreman took off running while Foreman says he initially ran out of fear after having just been robbed a few minutes earlier, but stopped when he noticed looked back to only see police officers.

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A video taken of the incident starts with Foreman on the ground and a man on top of him who appears to be a Chicago police officer repeatedly striking him in the head.

“He was down, you can see it on the film. He was not fighting back, he wasn’t trying to flip,” said Maurice Fulson, who recorded the footage.

“When I turned around and I seen him I’m like, ‘alright, I give up,’ and he just grabbed me and threw me down to the ground; I didn’t resist or nothing,” Foreman said.

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CPD has released a statement concerning the incident and announcing the internal investigation stemming from it.

“Based on this video, CPD has opened an internal affairs investigation into this incident and will be forwarding the video and all relevant reports to the Independent Review Board for investigation,” the statement said. “We are committed to the highest levels of integrity and professional standards and look forward to IPRA’s review of this incident.”

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons