A 15 year-old Chicago student was allegedly strip-searched at his high school last month.

His outraged parents plan to file suit against Chicago Public Schools.

The incident took place at Taft High School. The young man alleges that the search took place in the presence of  two school security guards, a Chicago police officer, and a female assistant principal.

From Shot97:

Asked if the officer or assistant principal said anything, the student said, “They told me they had an anonymous tip. They were looking for drugs.”

He said, while the others watched, one of the security guards put him up against the wall of a bathroom stall so his back was to the guards.

“And then he searched me with my clothes on,” the boy said. “Then he told me to remove my belt. As I undid my belt he pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees.”

After that, “He started grabbing and searching my privates,” the boy said.

He said they did not find any drugs.

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The boy’s parents say their son was humiliated by the incident, and has battled depression and sleep difficulties ever since.

CPS reportedly has a policy that prohibits strip-searches of students on school grounds.


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