Chicago’s South Side is viewed by many to be void of opportunity and progress. While there are surely things that can be worked on, that assumption is an exaggeration of the truth. On the contrary, there are often programs and events held throughout the city such as the Back to School Showcase that was held this past weekend. 

Every year, the Chicago Youth Dance Coalition holds an event where kids get to put their talents on display for their loved ones and the community. But the real benefit of holding the event is that the days leading up to it give them something productive to do as they practice to make their skills as sharp as possible.

Usually, an event of this kind would be reserved for high profile events such as the Bud Billiken Day Parade, which is the largest black parade in the entire nation. But hosting showcases such as the one that just happened in Englewood gives kids an activity to participate in year-round.

“When I first started dancing I thought like, this is going to give me an opportunity to just think more about life than just being in the streets like other teens,” Kahari Green told NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC Screenshot