The boy’s father and a family friend during a press conference a few days ago.


A 9-year-old boy was removed from his family after his father pleaded for help with the boy on national television.

Minnesota District Judge Joseph Klein declared the boy a “child in need of protection or services.” He also ordered therapy for the boy and his parents while officials determine what kind of help the boy needs.

From Huffington Post:

Exactly where the boy is staying was left unclear. The judge and attorneys referred only to an “out-of-home placement” and did not discuss when he might return home. After the hearing, county officials declined to be more specific, saying simply that the boy was safe.¬†Attorneys for the parents and the boy did not object to the arrangement.

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According to his parents, the boy has had a history of misbehavior; each instance escalating since this summer.

On Oct. 1, he stole a large delivery truck and damaged other vehicles. Two days later he went to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, snuck past a security checkpoint without a boarding pass and took an empty seat on a Delta Airlines flight. The flight crew became suspicious and turned him over to police in Vegas.

The boy has received psychiatric treatment in the past, last seeing a therapist on Aug. 13.

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