Winning the Democratic primary was considered Chokwe Antar Lumumba’s biggest obstacle in his Jackson, Miss. mayoral race. That couldn’t have been more of an understatement. 

The Jackson Free Press reports that Lumumba won the seat with at least a 22,000 vote lead. His closest competition was Republican Jason Wells, who didn’t even get 1,000 votes. Independent candidates didn’t even come close in the dark-blue city.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Mayor-elect Lumumba said at the King Edward Hotel. “If you have the best ideas, that’s what we’re moving with.”

Lumumba is the son of the late Chokwe Lumumba who died while in office for less than a year in 2014. The elder Lumumba has an extensive history working for Black liberation and even fought for reparations. His sudden death of a heart attack was felt throughout the activist community and made many speculate an alternate cause of death.

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Despite this murky moment, the younger Chokwe chose not to run on his family’s name and campaigned to serve the people of Jackson in his own way.

“No one will be fired for political reasons. We’re going to make sure we choose the very best, the very best to make sure this city moves forward,” he said.

He’s even reached out to get support from Democratic incumbent, Ronnie Crudup Jr., who was in attendance for Lumumba’s acceptance speech. ”

“They have demonstrated their commitment. When Ronnie didn’t win this, he didn’t take his ball and go home. He joined us. He’s been with us. So I’m happy to call him an ally; I’m happy to call him a friend. I thank you for that,” Lumumba said.

To end his speech, Lumumba told the crowd, “I love you all.”