In a conversation regarding the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Chuck D of Public Enemy took the opportunity to address the larger, systemic challenges facing the Black community.

Our communities have been flooded with guns and drugs for decades now, leading to a massive increase in the incarceration rate for black males.

And according to Chuck, the uptick in these social poisons just so happened to coincide with the Reagan and Bush Sr. presidencies.

From NewsOne:

The bottom line is this: Back when I was growing up, you couldn’t find a gun on anybody. Since 1980, the beginning of R&B, Reagan and Bush, there’s been nothing but guns and drugs in the Black community for the last 30-some-odd years.”

Chuck D then spoke about how this reality correlated with Black male incarceration rates:

“There’s been an upswing of people in prison — largely Black males — since that time, and nobody seems to give a clear answer. And when these things all come out, these are the side effects that come out of it: race is America’s folly.



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