Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is challenging those involved in the music industry to stop using the “n-word.” In a set of tweets, the rapper called upon radio stations, record labels, and artists to stop using the derogatory term.

Chuck D. went as far as asking if performances featuring homophobic or anti-Semitic slurs were accepted at concert festivals as easily accepted as those that feature the “n-word.”


From The Independent:

He said record labels should consider clauses “saying you can’t be derogatory to the community you came from” in contracts with their artists, and festival organisers should insist performers “at least be civil in the presentation of the art form they’ve been granted with.”


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Chuck D also criticized New York Hip Hop radio station Hot 97 who is hosting the summer jam, for not promoting more local and diverse artists on its playlist.

In a range of tweets from his account, he called the station “a sloppy fiasco” and a “CORPlantation” that had committed a “cultural crime.”

Do you agree with Chuck D that the “n-word” shouldn’t be an acceptable form of expression?

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