Two young boys are on a mission to literally rock your socks off.

Their band, Unlocking the Truth, is a punk rock band based in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins perform songs they’ve written about love, school and everyday life.

The metal heads have recently been joined by Alec Atkins who plays new bass, and they sound nothing like your average child band. 

From Unlocking the Truth:

Unlocking the Truth is a young heavy metal/hard rock band from Brooklyn, New York, who write and create their own lyrics and music. Malcolm and Jarad formed their first band Tears of Blood in 2007. The boys are in the 7th grade and they’re pretty good students too.

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Jarad is currently writing a book about a child who gets bullied, but eventually goes on to become rich and famous.

Check out these wonderfully talented kids in the video below.

These kids are too cute!

Much success to Malcolm, Jarad and Alec in their quest for fame.