Colin Kaepernick is continuing his pledge to donate $1 million to causes fighting against racial injustice. The famous NFL quarterback’s foundation has donated $25,000 to an organization on the Southside of Chicago, according to Chicagoist.

Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL) is an organization that works to “assist low-income people of color in the Chicago Southland to build power, then subsequently leverage that power to fight for their own interest and liberation,” according to its mission statement.

SOUL informed Chicagoist that $15,000 of the donation will be used to fight mass incarceration in Illinois. $5,000 will go towards fostering youth activists and the rest will go towards operating costs and marketing.

Tonya Watkins, the lead organizer for SOUL, hopes to one day bring Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp to Chicago, which was a huge success in the Bay Area.

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“I reached out to see how we could connect with the Kaepernick foundation. I knew about the Know Your Rights Camp. It would be an amazing opportunity for the children of Chicago who are affected by the issues,” Watkins said. “They responded immediately. It was amazing.”

Associating with Kaepernick, whose protest against the National Anthem caused quite a lot of controversy, has garnered the organization some negative feedback.

“For Kaepernick to take a public risk, we can take a couple of racist phone calls. This has fueled us to continue,” Watkins said. “Those racist comments fuel us to continue do the work. We understand there’s people who don’t see an issue with the criminalization with communities with color. We need to continue to fight.”


Photo via Instagram (Colin Kaepernick)