Cari Champion is known for hosting ESPN’s First Take, but now she’s been wrapped up in a mess that should have never even happened thanks to comedian Artie Lange.

Lange, who obviously finds Champion attractive, took to Twitter to rant about his “fantasies” involving the sports commentator. 

WARNING: The tweets contain offensive language that is NSW.

From Twitter:





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The tweets, which are still up on Lange’s account, garnered criticism and rightfully so. An #isupportCari hashtag was started on the network in defense of Champion.

Neither ESPN nor Cari Champion has responded to the incident.

Mr. Lange, while we understand that you are a comedian, it is never appropriate to disrespect anyone like you did during your rant.

Why would Lange think that his behavior was okay?

What kind of message is he sending by leaving the tweets up, and not apologizing for his behavior?

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