Laughter and pain have always had an intimate, almost symbiotic relationship. So it’s fully appropriate for writer, producer and activist Agunda Okeyo to explore that relationship when it comes to the pain that black people encounter through her stand-up comedy showcase. 

“Sisters of Comedy” is a comedy showcase that exclusively puts black women comedians on display in honor to celebrate their significance and unique experiences. This year, the event will work in partnership with Black Lives Matter as a fundraiser, specifically in support of Jasmine Abdullah Richards, who was sentenced on a charge of “felony lynching” in California.

“American culture in my view is thirsty for truth and comedy is an excellent vehicle for authentic truths because it’s nothing but a voice, ideas and a mic,” Okeyo said, according to the Huffington Post. “The fact that this particular show is co-sponsored by Black Lives Matter… is a perfect illustration of why I do this work: to celebrate black women, black culture, black self-determination, welcome allies and above all spread laughter with love.”

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The showcase is the only of its kind to fully display black women in some of New York City’s most important stages and has been doing so since 2014.

“I hope this showcase will provide greater awareness about the work of BLM Network, the courage and leadership of Jasmine Abdullah, the power of the Sisters of Comedy showcase (my labor of love) and why our lives so deeply matter,” she added. “Most of all, I want people to laugh and celebrate because for me life is a precious gift that must be shared.”

Photo Credit: Agunda Okeyo’s Twitter