We’re all trying to do what works for us in this capitalist hellscape. Worry about yourself, baby.

-JeCorey Holder

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So, OnlyFans threatened to get rid of porn and “incels” and other puritanical defenders of decorum proceeded to lose their damn minds.  Peep the comments on any thread or YouTube video on the matter and you’ll see plenty of folks have made their feelings on sex work scathingly clear. Specifically when it’s done online.

Yes, people who frequent the streaming channels of gamers and YouTubers are shaming women for putting all that hard work into utilizing often expert-level knowledge of photography, subject positioning, and photo editing to attract their clientele. Not to mention the social skills and emotional labor required to *keep* their audience. Meanwhile, don’t these YouTube faves have to desperately fill ten minutes and keep up their views to be worth paying? 

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Don’t they have a “Top Ten Dreamcast Secrets That’ll Blow Your Mind” list to worry about? Aren’t they the ones beggin’ folks to “THRASH that like and Subscribe Button” since they depend on regular audience views and sponsors?

Those costumes for that shitty Avengers parody skit aren’t going to pay for themselves, baby boy. 

Sex workers were selling their pleasurable company and assets across several mediums centuries before online streamers were a glint in their first web-camera. So why don’t we just mind our collective LED-lit business and click through that Raid Shadow Legends ad.

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Be it selling feet pics or recording the 67th Minecraft play through while keeping up that Cool Nerd™ persona, we’re all trying to do what works for us in this capitalist hellscape. 

Worry about yourself, baby.

Gamer, geek, and social activist. JeCorey Holder has been weaving tapestries of shade and fury since the early 2000’s. Pro-LGBTQ, pro-black, and pro intersectional feminism, he is full of feelings and opinions that try to call out and tear down the oppressive status quo.