Rapper/actor/activist, Chicago native, and BYP supporter Common recently wrote an editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times about how he plans to continue to give back to the youth of Chicago.

In a time when the news about Chicago’s youth seems devastatingly bad, it’s nice to know that celebrities are giving back in various ways and that they are using their resources to provide services to youth who need it most.

In his article, Common discussed his goals for his Common Ground Foundation:

This year, I want to emphasize to our kids that it’s never too early to give back. You don’t have to wait until you graduate high school or get the big-time job — you can start right now. Help your teachers carry their books to the car. Help your mom with the dishes without her asking. Volunteer at a youth center. Help a friend get a job. Too much to ask? Tiny changes lead to bigger changes, and bigger changes can reshape the landscape of your everyday life. Hopefully, I can be a living example of that to our kids with Common Ground Foundation.

I’m looking forward to coming home to Chicago to host the Gala; the Common Ground board, coaches and my business team will all be there. We’re excited to honor Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Quintin and Diane Primo, Tim Rand and Everett Rand and Gabby Douglas. If you’ll be there, I can’t wait to see you and say thanks for your support. And even if you can’t make it, I thank you, because just by reading this article you’re showing support. I hope you’ll also take a few minutes to learn more about the foundation. We don’t profess to have all the answers for what our youth in Chicago need, but at the end of the day, we can all do something — and that’s what I’m committed to.


Read the entire piece here.


Kudos to Common for giving back.


What are some ways celebrities can give back to their communities?

What small changes can those of us who aren’t celebrities make to make our communities better?

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