Congressional Republicans have closed a year-long investigation into the events that resulted in tens of thousands in being exposed to lead in their water supply. But the investigation failed to result in any new information that wasn’t already presented in the high profile hearings that found both the local government and the EPA responsible.

“The committee found significant problems at Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality and unacceptable delays in the Environmental Protection Agency’s response to the crisis,” wrote Republican Representative from Utah Jason Chaffetz, according to ABC News. “The committee also found that the federal regulatory framework is so outdated that it sets up states to fail.”

Flint’s water crisis dates back all the way to 2014 and, sadly, it still isn’t over. Water still isn’t safe to drink while Congress is closing their investigation and offering little in the realm of solutions.

“We’re in year three, actually, of not being able to drink water, and that still makes no sense to me, and it shouldn’t make sense to anybody else,” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver told NPR.

The Flint water crisis should’ve never happened in the first place. Multiple investigations have even gone as far as to explain exactly how it happened and whose fault it was to prove this. But it’s beyond ridiculous that it’s been going on for such an extended period of time.