An interracial couple in Stamford, Connecticut is taking a stand against the harassment they’ve received because of their relationship and local police’s inability to find those responsible.

Heather Lindsay and Lexene Charles returned home on Jan. 14 to find “N*GGER” spray-painted on their garage door. Since then, the disgusting mark remains, despite the threat of $100 daily fines and potential criminal charges. 

The couple refuses to remove the graffiti until police are able to offer them some sort of proof that the culprits responsible won’t be able to simply do the same thing again in the future. Police have even offered to clean the garage themselves, but Lindsay and Charles, who are in a common-law marriage, refused.

“We think the police should open up a live investigation, and that means they should interview people,” Darnell Crosland, from the Connecticut NAACP, told ABC 7 during a press conference Monday.

“They should create a police report, and they should have a case number. I don’t even know if this situation has a case number yet, and I think that is an affront to all of us,” he added.

According to The Huffington Post, local authorities say that they’re looking into the case but have no leads on suspects as of yet because there were no witnesses.

Stamford police claim that they want the graffiti removed because of its affects on public morale and potentially rewarding the culprits for their actions. However, this could also be viewed as an attempt to quickly move away from the incident and act as if it never happened.