A Colorado man who turned his life around after being freed on accident due to court error is back behind bars.

Rene Lima-Marin was sentenced to 90 years in prison, and was 19 years old when he robbed two video stores at gunpoint 15 years ago. 

From KDVR:

He served 10 years of what he thought was a 16-year sentence before a judge sent him back to prison in January.

“It’s that every day, happy, white-picket-fence type of life,” says Lima-Marin, about the world he created with a wife and two kids after leaving prison nearly six years ago.

It’s a life he never imagined could be his as a convicted felon.

“What makes this that much harder, is the fact I constantly have them right here,” as he points to his head.

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All of that changed on Jan. 7. Lima-Marin was sent back to prison to finish out a 98-year sentence. He says his appeal lawyer told him 13 years prior that his sentence was just 16 years.  But her information was incorrect. Lima-Maria’s attorney assured him that in the appeals process for a reduced sentence, everything would be ran concurrent, totaling up to 16 years in prison.

The court file sent to the Department of Corrections stated that Lima-Maria’s sentences run all at once, instead of back-to-back. His family has created a petition in hopes of getting him released. You can view and sign it here.


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