For decades black girls have played with dolls that did not look like them, and the practice has lasting affects on the self-esteem of young girls and women of color.

But Karen Byrd is seeking to change that.

She recently launched Natural Girls United!, an ethnic doll line for girls of color. 

From Natural Girls United:

“As a young girl, I remember loving to play with my dolls… mainly with my Barbie dolls.  I thought the dolls where beautiful, but always noticed that my African American dolls did not look like me.” said Byrd. “Their features did not look like mines. And their hair certainly did not look or feel like mine!  This did affect my view of what beauty was. In articles, videos and news stories such as Black Girls Want White DollsWhat a Doll Tells Us About Race,  Black Doll White DollWhite and black children biased toward lighter skin & A Girl Like Me – it is apparent that this is something that affects many children and adults;  and that there is a need for positive community change.”

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Through her dolls, Byrd hopes to bring a positive view of what ethnic beauty is. 

We cannot underestimate the need for young girls to have dolls that look like them.

Kudos to Karen Byrd for creating Natural Girls United!

Thoughts on the doll line?

Will it contribute to delivering a more positive message about ethnic beauty for young girls?

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