According to an article at the Huffington Post, the Occupy Movement is doing more than just bringing together people of different races and ethnicites.

Occupy is also bringing together young people of different gangs.

For Sherrod Britton and Shabaka Addae Guillory, the different colors they rep means little in the face of the widespread corruption and economic inequality they see in today’s America. They’ve put their differences aside and stood together at recent Occupy Atlanta protests.

From the Huffington Post:

“‘I saw him in the park, saw his colors.,’ Guillory told Franzen. ‘There was no mean mug or rivalry because we realized that what’s happening here is so much bigger then gang rivalry.’

Both men were attracted to the protest and its purpose. Guillory joined the movement after hearing about it on the news. Britton, who was passing the demonstration one day, said he stopped to get more information and never left.

‘I stayed for the common cause, speaking for the people,’ Britton said. ‘I feel strongly that we have the right to jobs, health care, and affordable higher education.'”

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This is precisely why a movement like Occupy is so vital, and why it’s so dangerous to the status quo.

People are beginning to see past their petty differences, and find common ground. And a common enemy.