Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un

Weeks after a very bizarre interview and apology after sympathizing with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s decision to hold an American journalist in a labor camp for 15 years, former NBA star Dennis Rodman is once again speaking out.

During a live interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Rodman stated that he is willing to trade places with Kenneth Bae. 

From Reuters:

Rodman, who has made four trips to North Korea, said he knew nothing of Bae’s case when he first mentioned him – and still does not. “I have sympathy – I don’t want anyone in any country or anywhere in the world to be hostage for something maybe they did or did not do,” Rodman said in Friday’s interview.

“I would do anything … if they said, ‘We’ll take Dennis Rodman and we’ll let Kenneth Bae go’, you know what? I’d do that, straight ahead. Take me. I would do that.” He also offered to take his CNN interviewer, Chris Cuomo, to North Korea with him.

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Bae was sentenced to 15 years at a labor camp for violating the country’s religious rules. Bae, a Christian is accused of attempting to overthrow North Korea’s government with religious activities.

The country acts as an Atheist state and bans all religious practices. Rodman checked into the rehab center shortly after returning from North Korea earlier this month.

Thoughts on Rodman’s comments?

Is he digging himself into a deeper hole than he can get out of?

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