On January 18, 2016, DeRay McKesson joined Stephen Colbert on his late night talk show where he talked about Campaign Zero and white privilege with the host. 

Campaign Zero is a ten-step platform that wants to “take deliberate action from policy-making at all levels of government to implement these policy solutions” which was taken from their website. In order to work towards this, the platform breaks down policies by federal, state, and local agendas.

DeRay, who was named one of the Forbes’ World 50 Greatest Leaders in 2015, tried to talk about the difference between the 1960s Civil Rights age and the present-day Civil Rights fight to Colbert.

Colbert brought up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to which McKesson commented saying that King was a radical activist and wanted to focus on the redistribution of wealth. The difference between now and then is the technology and the access that we have to see what is happening.

Check out the video below.

(Photo by Sid Hastings/For The Washington Post via Getty Images)