During the protests for Alton Sterling’s killing¬†by the hands of police, many of the demonstrators who took to the streets were arrested and held in police custody. One of them was the easily recognizable DeRay McKesson, whose arrest was streamed live for the world to see.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the prominent Black Lives Matter supporter and Campaign Zero founder is filing a class action lawsuit against the city on behalf of everyone that was arrested.

“It is important that the records of all illegally arrested protesters are expunged and that no expenses are incurred by activists for these illegal arrests,” Mckesson said. “The courts are an important lever by which we can hold cities accountable for engaging in unconstitutional practices.”

McKesson is filing the suit alongside two other protestors that were arrested with claims the officers violated their civil rights while arresting them.

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“How can you obstruct a highway that’s closed to traffic?” asked Roy J. Rodney Jr., McKesson’s attorney. “They arrested people who had left the highway and entered private houses or gathered on private property.”

The obstruction charge that was used to arrest McKesson was dropped just a week later, which could support the claims being made in the case. To many, Baton Rouge was no different than many other protests where authorities do whatever they can to target certain protestors in an attempt to control the demonstration.

Hopefully, the records of the multiple non-violent demonstrators will be expunged and they won’t go through life with a mark on their records for expressing their first amendment rights.

Photo Credit: Twitter