A false fire alarm at Detroit’s Central Collegiate Academy broke out into fights among students that ended with police intervention. According to reports from FOX2, the alarm went off around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon and students claim that bottles and rocks were being thrown at them while they were outside. A brawl reportedly started among students and police used pepper spray to calm the crowd.

One student even said that he was mased after trying to stop a fight and getting caught in one of his own.

“The students who were involved in the situation were removed from the building by police because they were involved in the incident or in order to insure they received any medical attention necessary because there was some crowd control devices used,” said Principal┬áDavid Oclander.

DemocracyNow.com reports that more than 12 arrests were made in the chaos that ensued.┬áThe school of 350 students has a rule that means students could be expelled if they’re found to be fighting.

While the use of pepper spray may be viewed as controversial, Oclander feels that the officers were attempting to “restore order as best they could.”

Photo Courtesy: Twitter