Over 100 students at Detroit’s Western International High School have been suspended from school after staging a walkout in protest of what they feel has been a poor educational experience.

In response to the mass suspensions, the students have started their own school – dubbed a “Freedom School” – to attend instead.

The students are fed up with the school’s lack of resources, it’s upcoming consolidation with another school, and alleged verbal abuse from some teachers and school officials.

From Michigan Radio:

“‘We need a voice in our school system,’ Gafford said Friday, as she, other students and a few supportive adults tried to organize the freedom school. ‘That school system is supposed to work for us. It’s supposed to work with us. And it’s definitely not doing that.’

Western student Freddie Burse says they want to show school and district officials they’re serious about their education—and their concerns.

‘They were saying that the way we went about protesting our education was stupid, to walk out on our education,’ Burse said. ‘So basically what we figured is ‘Ok fine, you want to suspend us…we’re still gonna come here and try to get educated.’”

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The actions of the Western International High School  students seems to be a part of a growing movement in Detroit. Just last month we told you about the courageous young people at Frederick Douglass High School, who staged a walk out of their own in protest of the conditions of their school. 50 students were suspended.

Are you proud that these young people have taken a stand?

What will it take to ensure that our youth are receiving the education they deserve?

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