The NBA has selected Dick Parsons to act as the interim CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers. Parsons arrived in Los Angeles on Monday and met with management and staff of the team. 

From Associated Press:

Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA and fined $2.5 million after recordings of him making racist comments surfaced.

“My personal belief is the league will prevail, which means there will be an ownership change,” Parsons said during a news conference at Staples Center. “A prolonged legal battle is in no one’s interest, certainly not the league’s. I would hope we could avoid that.”

Parsons said he won’t be involved in the ownership fight. He said he’s being paid by the NBA but he doesn’t report to Commissioner Adam Silver or the league’s owners.

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Sterling apologized for the racist remarks captured during a recorded conversation, saying in a CNN interview on Monday that they were a “terrible mistake.”

“I embarrassed the league. I humiliated them. I don’t know how, why I did it,” he told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “I mean, it’s so terrible.”¬†Sterling said he apologized to the NBA, and he doesn’t believe the other owners would vote to have him removed as owner of the Clippers.

Parsons, 66, is the former Citigroup chairman and former Time Warner chairman and CEO. He called himself semi-retired, though he currently serves as senior adviser at Providence Equity Partners.

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