A series of petitions have been created  in hopes of putting an end to George Zimmerman’s time in the spotlight. The petitions come on the heels of an announcement from the even’t promoters that rapper DMX was selected as Zimmerman’s opponent.

The petitions, started by Los Angeles resident Janet Dickerson and Chicago blogger Rae Kae call for an end to the fight. 

From Stop the George Zimmerman Celebrity Boxing Match:

It’s a scary time we live in when a child murderer and domestic abuser is granted celebrity status and the opportunity to make money off the blood and tears of his victims.[…] We must not stand for this. We must not watch idly as Zimmerman is allowed to make a mockery of not just his victims and their families but society as a whole. 

Read the rest and sign the petition here.

From Stop George Zimmerman’s Celebrity Fighting Match

George Zimmerman has continued to prove that he has no intention of rehabilitating his destructive behavior and continues to initiate violence within the Black community, now by wanting to fight famous Black celebrities. Haven’t we had enough?

Read the rest and sign the petition here.

For many, the announcement could not have came at a more inappropriate time. Trayvon Martin, who was murdered by Zimmerman in February 2012, would have turned 19 today had he been alive. 

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Which side do you fall? Yay or nay for the fight?

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