In Don Lemon’s latest radio commentary, he somewhat defended New York City’s “Stop-and-frisk” policy by asking “Would you rather be politically correct of safe and alive?”

From Mediate:

“So goes New York City, so goes the rest of the country,” he said of stop-and-frisk, adding his suggestion that if a new mayor “alters the equation of the formula that has reduced crime in New York City to its lowest in decades,” it could result in the “creeping back up” of crime rates, the reduction in tourism, and the suffering of “international consequences.” He posited that other major cities could follow suit.

“Whatever the mayor here decides will be reflected in your city, reflected in your crime rate, and in your economy,” Lemon concluded. “So the question is: would you rather be politically correct or safe and alive? That’s the real issue facing the citizens of New York and, pretty soon, ultimately you.”


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Lemon went on the assert that there are many minorities who, in theory, would rather be inconvenienced by stop-and-frisk than be shot by criminals on the street.


Thoughts on Lemon’s stop-and-frisk commentary?

Is Don Lemon making these claims to get attention, or does he really believe what he’s saying?

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