On Monday evening, Don Lemon went full fool. The CNN Tonight host held up two different symbols. The first was the confederate flag which has been a major topic in news coverage since the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina last week. The second was a placard which read the word, “NIGGER.” The callout on the bottom of the broadcast screen just read four words, “Does this offend you?” The answer is simple: Yes. Yes, Don Lemon, it is offensive that you think this public display of desperation is journalism.

CNN covered the story on social media like this type of foolery is reputable.


Meanwhile, many folks on Twitter seemed more amused and confused than offended at Lemon’s inability to produce actual journalistic coverage.


Quickly, the signage turned into memes (as they should have) making Don Lemon look even more foolish than he already did.

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dlemon6 dlemon7 dlemon8

Let’s not forget that Don Lemon was called an “Uncle Tom” on camera last week.  Can you blame her though?

Perhaps comedienne Amanda Seales (whose racial commentary is always on point) gave the most astute summation of Lemon’s “coverage” and career when she questioned CNN as a news production company altogether.dlemon4


At this point, one has to wonder what CNN’s goal is in keeping Lemon on the air. Besides clicks and word-of-mouth promotion from people looking for these airings in disbelief, most folks aren’t taking the broadcast seriously anymore. It is a wonder of the universe that he even still has a job.

If nothing else, Lemon provides comedic relief every day. Any viewers looking to him for anything else might want to consider changing the channel. Permanently.


Jenn M. Jackson is the Editorial Assistant for The Black Youth Project. She is also the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Water Cooler Convos, a politics, news, and culture webmag for bourgie Black nerds. For more about her, tweet her at @JennMJack or visit her website at