Dr. Dre truly believes in sharing the wealth. The Compton native and near-billionaire has just written a huge check to help build a new performing arts center at Compton High School. CBS reports that the music mogul has pledged a whopping $10 million to the center’s construction, which would hopefully start in 2020.

The Compton Unified School District said Dre will also be working to raise funds for the facility from other sources.

“My goal is to provide kids with the kind of tools and learning they deserve,” Dre said in a statement to The Los Angeles Times. “The performing arts center will be a place for young people to be creative in a way that will help further their education and positively define their future.”

The facilities will include state-of-the-art technology and a 1,200 foot theater. It will also be used to offer services to the grater Compton community.

“The support that Dre has shown to Compton over the years is unwavering and we are so excited that we will now be home to one of the greatest performing arts centers in the country,” said Satra Zurita, president of Compton Unified’s governing board of trustees.