Drake was MIA at this week’s BET Awards and it may have been because he was shooting a new video for his song “One Dance” in South Africa. He also made an appearance at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory in Johannesburg to speak to a room full of people about staying self-motivated and leaving a lasting legacy.

“I encourage you to do everything you can to make the future here as bright as you possibly can,” he said, according to ZaTrends. “We’re all young. We all have some end goal or some dream. And take it from me, I sat around for a lot of days thinking about my family, my loved ones, where I’m from and trying to make the place where I’m from proud of me.”

“If I can do it, anyone in this room can do it,” he added.

Drake reportedly requested the tour to learn more about Mandela’s influence. He was shown around the facilities by Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe and members of the Mandela family.

“I sat around for many days thinking about my loved ones, where I’m from, and how I can make the people where I’m from proud of me. And if I can do it – anyone of you can do it too.”

Hopefully, Drake’s time in Africa will be eye-opening and inspiring.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons