Anna Angel has been coping with incredible devastation.

The mother of five lost her children and her boyfriend when her mobile home caught fire while she was at work.

Although nothing can replace the lives lost, rappers The Game and Drake have donated money to help with the financial stress of the situation.

Each star donated $10,000, with the producers of The Game’s new reality show adding an extra $2,500.

 Neighbors said after the fire that Angel’s only transportation was her bicycle and that she was often seen riding with her children behind in a bike trailer for kids. “I weighed it against my life,” he said. “I can only imagine how difficult it is now.” The Game recently started a charity called The Robin Hood Project to help people in need. Representatives for the rappers have been in contact with a bank in northwest Ohio that is handling donations and expect to complete the transaction within the next two days, said Keith Hodkinson, the family spokesman.

Our condolences to Anna Angel and her family.

Kudos to Drake and The Game for helping Anna in her time of need.

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