The Florida-based activist group Dream Defenders has launched a bulletproof vest campaign for children in protest of Stand Your Ground legislation in the state.

The group, which formed shortly after the death of Trayvon Martin, has taken on causes largely related to gun violence. 

From WLRN:

The [Stand Your Ground] law enables potential crime victims to “stand their ground” and use deadly force to defend themselves. Group members seeking changes in the law got a lot of media attention when they staged a month-long sit-in at the Capitol last year.

Now they’re out with a campaign through Election Day called Vest or Vote. Below, read an edited version of an interview with Dream Defenders political director Ciara Taylor.

Tell us about the Vest or Vote campaign.

The campaign is reminiscent of Malcolm X’s “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech. What we’re trying to do, and I think that we’ve done, is spark conversation around the importance of voting and how it directly correlates to our everyday lives.

There are actual parents who are reaching out to us wondering if they could in fact get the vest for their children. ~Ciara Taylor

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The group has also launced a PSA which shows a mother and her teen son together as he plays a video game. As he gets ready for school, his mom tells him that he needs to wear the vest today. Click here to view the ad.

The Dream Defenders are urging participants of the campaign to use the #VestOrVote hashtag on social media.

Which will you choose?

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