For the first time after the verdict, one of the jurors in the Michael Dunn trial is speaking out. Only known as Juror #4, the woman told ABC News’ Byron Pitts that the initial vote in favor of the first-degree murder conviction was 10-2. 

From Mediate: 

She revealed that by the end of the deliberation they were deadlocked at 9-3 to convict him of first-degree murder. Dunn was found guilty of 3 counts of attempted second-degree murder (and will likely serve more than 60 years on those charges alone), but there was a hung jury on the charge of first-degree murder for the killing of 17 year old Jordan Davis.

She said the three holdouts believed that regardless of the actual danger, Dunn believed he was in danger of great bodily injury or death (the legal standard requires having a “reasonable” belief).

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Juror #4 also stated that a lot of shouting occurred during the three days of deliberations, and admitted that she personally believes that Dunn got away with murder.

Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey announced that she will seek a re-trial on the first degree murder charge that Dunn was not found guilty of.

With this new information, how has your perspective on the case changed?

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